Friday, July 14, 2006

I found it!!!

I found the black dress! Oh my gosh, I am SOOOOO relieved! And it fits! Woohooo!!! I will be sure to take some photos this weekend and post them for you when we get back!


Blogger Anam said...

yeah :) have fun!

1:09 PM  
Blogger Sue said...

Awesome news! Can't wait to see some more photos of your baby bump!

1:49 PM  
Blogger Carmen said...

Yeah for you!!!! Okay, now get all dolled up and let us see pics!!

2:15 PM  
Blogger JennD said...

So glad you found it. Have an awesome time!

3:56 PM  
Blogger Lacintha said...

yay! now lets see some pics girlie!

10:04 PM  
Blogger Katrina said...

wooohooooo!!! i can't wait to see your cute little bump in it!

8:52 PM  
Blogger MonaS! said...

I WANNA SEEEE!!!! Especially with the cute little baby bump!!! I wish I looked as good as you do when I was preggo!!! Can't wait to see!!!

10:35 PM  
Blogger patti said...

hoooray for finding the black dress! can't wait to see how cute you look in it!

7:28 AM  

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