Friday, February 03, 2006

some ramblings...

This past week I signed up for another half marathon. It's in May in Red Deer and I started training this week.

I received a letter from my sister in Taiwan this week. She sent me a GORGEOUS bracelet that they picked up while they were in Thailand for Christmas. And then last night she phoned me!!!! It was SOOOOO good to hear her voice! I miss her SO much! Her husband is in Nova Scotia right now for a medical school interview so I think she was a little bit lonely for home too! He flies back to Taiwan next Tuesday.

I'm going to be teaching another class tomorrow at Bliss creating this mini jump-ring album! It's not quite finished - gotta do that at the store before the class but it's called, "10 Things I Love About You" - just in time for Valentine's Day!

And on Monday evening, I'm going back to school! EEKS! It's actually just for one course - intro to accounting - for work and is only 4 evenings. But it's going to be one VERY BUSY week next week!

Tonight we're having friends over for make-your-own-pizza and games. And a little bit of ice cream cake too, in celebration of my friend's birthday on Sunday! Fun stuff!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Blogger patti said...

wow you are one busy lady!! That is a beautiful bracelet that your sister sent you! Almost looks edible! Your mini album looks adorable ! I'm sure your student will love it! And good for you for taking a class, even if it is for your work. More education is always a good thing in my book!

6:29 PM  
Blogger Carmen said...

SOOO cool bracelet!!

9:17 PM  
Anonymous Mary M said...

I made the book and it's SO CUTE! I still have to finish it though. Hope Derrick doesn't find out! :)

Love that bracelet - super cool!

12:15 PM  
Blogger Caroline said...

that is a beautiful bracelet!

1:16 PM  

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