Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Dentist, an Exam and the Cold

WHEW! It's been a crazy few weeks so my apologies for very few blog posts. I finished up a course I was taking for work last night, Intro to Accounting Principles. I did very well on the exam last night and thoroughly enjoyed it, even though I was dreading taking it. Our bookkeeper at work is quitting at the end of our year, which is the end of this month and so my boss asked me to take over. I must admit I wasn't thrilled about this possibility when it first came up but after the first night of the course I changed my mind and ended up signing up for a second course in April. HA! The biggest reason I enjoyed the course though was the instructor. She is FANTASTIC!!!!!! And after chatting with her last night I found out she's also a scrapbooker and is going to come and take one of my classes!!! Now how cool is that?!?!?! She will also be teaching the course I'm taking in April. Don't laugh too hard but I'm actually looking forward to it!
Today I spent a few hours at the dentist getting a root canal. I must admit, I am not a very good dental patient. The minute I open the door and the smell of the office hits me, I feel nauseous. I've spent a lot of time at the dentist in my life so you'd think I wouldn't mind as much any more but I'd just rather not go. However, my teeth don't seem to agree with me on that one. So there I was again today. The freezing has FINALLY come out and I can swallow again. YAY!
And now, the cold. It is very cold here today. We've had an awesome winter so far - very little snow and lots of warm. That changed suddenly yesterday when this system moved in. We are currently sitting at -27C (for my American friends, that's equivalent to -17F). So that run I was supposed to go for today just didn't happen. Thankfully it is supposed to warm up a bit tomorrow and Fridays are usually a day off of running for me so I'll just go running instead tomorrow.
We have a busy weekend planned. Some friends of ours and their 4 girls are coming to stay with us. I'm looking forward to it even though I know it will be crazy and energetic! I hope they'll let me snap some photos of them!
And I have to extend a HUGE thank you to all my blog readers. I can't tell you how much it means to me that you read my blog or even care to know more about little ol' me. I wish I could give you all BIG HUGS! THANK YOU SO MUCH for caring about me! Smoochies!


Blogger Leigh said...

I enjoy reading your blog, Heather, and getting to know you better! Congratulations on doing so well in your course and, more so, moving into a new job that it looks like you're going to enjoy and be good at!!
I didn't really want to hear about the cold-- it's suppose to get below -40C tonight (& I don't even want to know what it'll be with the windchill!) But I know that your system usually heads our way, so I guess we can look forward to more cold. Oh, well, it is winter on the Canadian prairies, after all!

9:56 PM  
Blogger Kerry Zerff said...

Hey babycakes!!!! Totally hear ya on the cold thing, makes me want to lock the doors until it's gone!

How awesome that you're enjoying your course, the teacher usually does make a huge difference!

11:36 PM  
Anonymous Crystal said...

I am so with you on the cold issue!! Our Winter Olympics at school have been postponed for 2 weeks. I'm glad the course went well - learning is usually fun, if we can accept it! Have a fun weekend!
Love you,

2:54 AM  
Blogger patti said...

Heather you are just such a sweetie! I love reading your blog! It is a little window into what you're all about! I wish we were closer I bet we'd have a lot of laughs!
COngrats on the good exam!! That is neat that you'll get to instruct your instructor!!
Sorry to hear about your root canal, ouch makes me cringe just thinking about it! I'm not good with the dentist either!
Hope the cold front passes quickly!!!

5:48 AM  
Anonymous LisaO said...

Heather I love reading your blog... glad the test is over and done with.

OH, I know about root canals too, I just had one before Christmas, but glad I did.

It's cold here too...been working and I so hate cold and having to go in it....-42 with the windchill is WAY too cold for me...

Have a great weekend

1:39 PM  
Anonymous Melissa said...

It is so fricking cold here, too! I think the windchill was right around yours today... and tomorrow it will be even colder!

Hope your mouth feels better soon - I hate dentist visits, too.

Glad your class went well - I can't imagine liking an accounting class! LOL!

5:51 PM  
Blogger Heather said...

I love your blog Heather.

Sorry to hear about the root canal. Hope it's better now.

LOL on your teacher coming to your scrapbooking class. Glad you enjoyed the course.

It's somewhat cold here (don't really know how cold and can't imagine what the windy city had in store).

6:56 PM  
Blogger JennD said...

Sorry I didn't comment sooner - congrats on finishing your course! Things happen for a reason and maybe the woman leaving at work was a way to show you an amazing new career.
Hope your mouth is better. I'm the same as you with the dentist - makes me nauseous just thinking about it....

9:05 AM  

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